• Electric Bain-Marie
  • Electric Bain-Marie
  • Electric Bain-Marie

Electric Bain-Marie

Seamlessly welded to the working top with internal rounded corners that facilitate easy cleaning. Complete with lowered false bottom, either suitable for different sizes of GN containers or produced in custom made sizes.
Automatic filling device (standard), up to the level sensor, and automatic replenish when the quantity of water diminishes. It is also possible to manually increase the desired level by pressing the button placed on the control panel.
The drain is directly connected and includes an overflow protection. Indirect heating, thanks to high efficiency elements, are applied in a way to protect from well base distortions.
A safety device protect from overheating, usually generated by the absence of water.
The well base includes a Teflon stopper which act as a drain and it’s positioned below false bottom.