• Electric Oven
  • Electric Oven
  • Electric Oven

Electric Oven

Oven made entirely of stainless steel with an inner, fully welded chamber (round corners) for easy cleaning.
Excellent heat distribution, supported by a high installed power, ideal for a rapid grilling and braising of food.


  • single or double-end operated
  • equipped with steam aperture inside the chamber
  • grid supports easily removable without tools
  • oven door with sturdy hygienic hinges, final closure with automatic release
  • all the electrical components are fixed on the removable panel
  • water-tight base panel removable from the inside, easy access to all the heating elements
  • upper elements also removable from the inside of the chamber
  • separated upper and lower temperatures; thermostat controls and warning lights
  • equipped with safety thermostats with manual reset

Perfect thermal insulation ensures remarkable energy savings and lower temperatures across the outer shell of the oven; this important aspect allows you to position any type of inductions hobs above the oven.