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Char Broiler

Built in strong and heavy material in order to handle the demands of the highest volume operations. All MARRONE char broilers are precisely engineered to provide different cooking temperatures across the entire broiling area. Temperature zones are created by adjusting grate heights or by variable flame control values – it important to consider the different zones of the overall surface (central and back parts accumulate of course higher temperatures). In terms of materials our burners are made to ensure higher temperatures and faster recovery.
The dependable performance of our burners goes right to the heart of great broiling. Two versions of broilers are available as far as heat production is concerned: one exploiting radiants, the other lava rock. Radiants provide intense, searing heat to preserve the natural juices of your favorite entrees protecting their savory, tantalizing flavors while creating juicier meats with less shrinkage.
Located directly above each independently controlled burner, radiants prevent burners from clogging while radiating and distributing heat to the cooking surface. Our heavy cast iron radiants provide extra heat and maximum heat retention for greater production and quicker recovery. As an alternative to the radiant version, our lava rock broilers can also provide high heat retention and durability thanks to high-density refractory stone.
The special lava rock stones that are used in this version are resistant to cracking and will not absorb grease rendering them self-cleaning, long lasting and far superior to any other kind of lava rock or ceramic brick. Both versions use grates of heavy cast iron that are grates that are reversible for different score markings, as their ribs channel the extra grease into the broilers front mounted grease through and away from the cooking surface.
Accessories: as an option for either of our cast iron radiants or lava rock stones MARRONE can offer round-rod Fish Grates, specially engineered to minimize sticking of delicate fillets, fish steaks, and skinless chicken breasts while providing the perfect score markings and maximum heat transfer.