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Special metal cooking surface for optimal grilling results without any sticking risks (particularly indicated for delicate food i.e. fish) and for ideal temperature maintenance of food, even in peak operational moments.
Healthy way of cooking with low use of oil (generally sprayed), and where, thanks to the correct use of temperatures combined with this special cooking surface, we are able to avoid the typical “frying” effect.
Even and gentle cooking, perfectly regulated by a precise thermostat, allows food to perfectly caramelize maintaining the food particularly tender, burning effect must be avoid.
No transfer of taste when different types of food are grilled (vegetables, fish, meat …)
Limited transmission of heat to the ambient, thanks to the special surface which keep the heat at a very low level guaranteeing 40% of energy saving if compared with standard fry-top plates, allowing the working and room temperature to be particularly pleasant. Low fume emission rate even around operational areas, thanks to the cooking surface’s special material, which allows the correct quantity of heat to be stored therein.
Possible to cut the food directly on the cooking surface, easy way to clean the surface once the temperature of the surface is below 60°C. Avoid chemical cleaners, water and soap is more than enough (working spatulas will help).