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Marrone electric steamer uses high-efficiency heating elements that are able to make cold water boil quickly (7-8 minutes after turning on), and to keep enough steam while working.
A tank, connected parallel to the main one, can indeed supply the amount of water that is necessary to uninterrupted, hot boiling, and prevent discontinuity in dispensing steam to the food as a result.
In addition, Marrone steamer is equipped with power and mechanical safety devices (i.e. water level, protective materials against direct contact with the heating elements) to ensure safe use.
Built into a low-edged wok cut-out or standing alone, Marrone electric steamer must be considered a high-performing appliance that allows energy saving at the same time; it proves ideal for traditional Asian dishes such as DIM SUM or RICE ROLLS.
The product includes a round support, made of thick steel (diameter 600 mm) featuring 7 holes – one at the centre, the other around - with a 90mm-diametre each.

The following accessories are available on demand:

  • RICE ROLLS (Chen Fung) adapter and lid
  • Water drain to be built into the out-cut front
  • Additional water tap

NB: Bamboo and metal trays for DIM SUM are not supplied by Marrone.