• Electric Pasta Cooker
  • Electric Pasta Cooker
  • Electric Pasta Cooker

Electric Pasta Cooker

AISI 316 water tank smoothly integrated in the working top. The well is welded in a deep and inclined depression for a perfect outflow of starches; the unit is complete with removable grid for the baskets.
High-efficiency indirect heating elements allows water to keep its temperature constant, even when the level is topped up with cold water.
A precise energy regulator monitors the required intensity of boiling / water turbulence.
The system also has a safety device in case of overload and the absence of water.
The initial water load is automatic and thorough a dedicated nozzle.
A tap, positioned in the control panel, allows you to manually dose the water flow; thanks to the same tap it’s also possible to run the cleaning operation of the tank once cooking is finished.
*Please always remember that right ratio between the amount of water and the quantity of pasta is 10 liters for each kg.
Drainage is always manual and is operated by a ball valve placed in the unit below.
Attention: for water connections and drain it is important to design a dedicated compartment below with hinged door.