• Electric Solid-Top
  • Electric Solid-Top
  • Electric Solid-Top

Electric Solid-Top

Cooking plate 20mm thick steel installed inside a lowered perimeter and equipped with outlet and filter.
Temperature range from 30 ° to 450 ° C, controlled by a high precision electronic system.
The potentiometer for the temperature control is positioned in the control panel and includes warning lights; all power and temperature tabs are housed in a dedicated cabinet up to 2.5 meters distance from the hob to ensure the integrity of all electronic equipments.
High-efficiency elements allow reaching the selected temperature extremely quickly, saving time and energy.
The configuration of the lower part, equipped with an excellent thermal insulation and with an elevated heated mass, is so that once the selected temperature is reached, the plate has a prolonged cooking time without the need to switch on again.

The three possible solutions in order to guarantee easier cleaning operations are:

  • A water circulation system either controlled by valve positioned in the control panel or simply via a manual operation – an overflow is always able to maintain the right level of water (both solutions must include a water outlet on the floor)
  • 1/2 GN container positioned in an open compartment just below the cooking surface
  • A drawer positioned in the control panel