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Induction Plate

Our high-tech induction hobs, smoothly sealed to the stainless steel working top, incorporate an electronic generator capable to convert the ordinary current into a high frequency current. This current feeds a spiral copper coil able to create a high intensity magnetic field. We have applied the frequency converter to the cooking of the foods inserting it in an innovative cooking system. Unlike traditional cooking appliances, where the container is heated by thermal conduction (gas or electric plate), induction cooking directly heats the container via electromagnetic waves. The power is controlled via a potentiometer with a regulation range of between 10% and 100%. The glass-ceramic support is not directly heated and it remains therefore a simple support for the container. It is the container itself, therefore, that starts the cooking system as soon as it enters in the magnetic field.

The results:

  • exceptional energy performance
  • absence of pre-and post-heating: plate is ready once you put the container on it, and it stops to heat up as soon you remove it
  • power consumption is proportional to the size of the container; only the useful surface is heated
  • no risk of burns: the cooking support remains cold
  • easy cleaning: any spillage will neither burn nor carbonize, because the surface around the container remains cool, just needs to be wiped clean
  • reduction of waste heat in the kitchen so less air ventilation required;

The power control is through a potentiometer and can be monitored with an indicator light. Naturally the absorbed power varies depending on the size and material of the pot.

In addition to the requirements specified for induction plates, "full-coverage" induction plates are equipped with double sensors to cook with more pots using the whole glass surface.

Induction Wok
Wok shell constructed in order to guarantee a strong impact resistance. Power immediately delivered thanks to an accurate device. A central sensor is able to prevent the overheating and damaging of the wok. Suitable for different type of applications – tossing, boiling, frying and sautéing this unit is becoming more and more popular also in Europe.