• Electric Deep Fat Fryer
  • Electric Deep Fat Fryer
  • Electric Deep Fat Fryer

Electric Deep Fat Fryer

High-quality built-in fryers with different liter capacities, either available in single or double pan version.
Seamless deep drawn wells, with completely rounded corners and lifting heating elements in order to facilitate cleaning operations.

All units feature:

  • High foaming over zone.
  • Drain valve fitted in the base with a backflow extension and with protection against accidental opening.
  • Oil container with filter and handles.
  • Chromed steel baskets with insulated handles.
  • Temperature regulation via thermostat from 90° to 195° C.
  • Safety thermostat set to +230°C to avoid dangerous accidental oil overheating.

Options: recycling oil pump, automatic baskets lift and a gentle melting device.
The control board is extremely user friendly and capable to manage temperatures in an extremely precise way (accuracy of 1°) thanks to a sensitive thermal sensor protected by a stainless steel sleeve.